Technical workshop OSR2G 2018: Technical challenges of in situ stress measurements

Ineris and GeoRessources are pleased to invite you to the 3rd edition of the OSR2G days (observation and monitoring of geological and geotechnical risks), organized in collaboration with Andra (the French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency) and Polytechnique Montreal (Canada).

This 3rd edition will deal with the technical challenges related to in situ stress measurements and their practical applications in geosciences & civil engineering. It will take place in Nancy, France, on the 21st and 22nd of November 2018.

Abstract submission open until: September, 24.
Online registration open until the opening of the event.

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Overcoring campaign (Ineris Picture) 


Event objectives

In situ stress measurements and stress monitoring are becoming increasingly important for a variety of geosciences and civil engineering applications. However, stresses remain difficult to measure with acceptable accuracy and precision, despite the existence of a wide range of in-situ stress measurement techniques and interpretation methods. 

This OSR2G Workshop 2018 is a non-commercial event that aims to gather experts, engineers, stakeholders and end-users from different fields of application. Its main objective will be to share knowledge about recent advances in stress measurement and stress monitoring techniques, and data interpretation methods.

Workshop sessions will cover a variety of current technical challenges, such as measurement in non-elastic rocks, long-term stress monitoring, sub-surface and deep stress measurements. The round table closing discussion will focus on the challenges to assess and enhance technical solutions regarding the emerging needs for monitoring structures and for new uses of underground space.



Investigated dam in the Alps (Ineris picture)

Our references in the in situ stress measurements domain:

Ineris and Géoressources have a long experience of in situ stress measurements and data interpretation in a variety of contexts (mine, post-mining, underground storage or rock slopes). Ineris' expertise is based in particular on overcoring methods with different measurement cells.

Some public references:
- 1 case study - stress measurement on a dam  
- Technical and scientific communications: 
     - Tonnellier et al., 2016
     - Nadim et al., 2011
     - A. Ben Ouanas PhD, 2010

     - Dunner et al., 2006



Organizing Committee


- Cyrille Balland, Res. Eng.

- Christian Bouffier, Res. Eng.

- Jean-Bernard Kazmierczak, PhD

- Emmanuelle Klein, PhD


- Marianne Conin, PhD, Assoc. Prof.

- Yann Gunzburger, PhD, Assoc. Prof.


Keynote speakers

- Gilles Armand, PhD (France)

- Daniel Ask, PhD (Sweden)

- Robert Corthésy, Prof (Canada)

- Matti Hakala, Res. Eng. (Finland)

- Maria-Helena Leite, Prof (Canada)

- Ove Stephansson, Prof Dr (Germany)


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